Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Year's Day Dinner - A Bird with Side Dishes

The Christmas holiday was just what I and the family needed. Gave enough time to rest and try new recipes! On the new year's day we decided to make a big family dinner. We all had different ideas and recipes to try out and couldn't make up our minds. So, we ended up doing different appetizing dishes that would tickle everybody's taste buds.

We began by going to the butcher to pick a big and luscious turkey. Now I have not purchased a whole turkey before so I was not sure if it was a turkey or a big, massive chicken we bought.  But, it looked nice and that was enough for us. We bought it the day before and marinated it with butter, spices and herbs. The bird was in the oven for over 3,5 hours and when it was time to cut it up, there was a huge debate whether it was a turkey or a big chicken. Since I couldn't make up my mind, I simply called this dinner for: A bird with side dishes.

We roasted the bird in the oven for few hours, then added carrots and potatoes in the same oven dish. The flavors were heavenly. For the side dishes we made:
- bruschettas with tomato and mozarella cheese
- nice green salad with iceberg salad, tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumber and paprika
- stir fried tomatoes, aubergines, mushrooms, paprika and onions
- hummus and tzatziki
- salmon and cream cheese canapes
- baked pasta

Everything tasted really good and we were stuffed after the dinner. We rounded of with leaf tea and some nice sweets and played charades. It was a lovely day with family and definitely needed. 
I will at some point post the recipes we used for this dinner. 

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