Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Leek and potato soup - recipe

When we are all I'll, I tend to make something simple but warm for us. Ideally a soup that is easy to eat, especially for kids. The one soupi came to think of to make few days ago, was this easy pieasy leek and potato soup. Very good and supricingly filling. You will definitely get more energy once you eat this soup.

1 whole leek, sliced
4-5 potatoes, dices
2-3 tbsp cream fraiche
1 tsp cumin, ginger and nutmeg
1 small onion

1. Slice the leek and onion and put in a deep non stick pot. Add few tbsp of oil and fry on medium heat. Peeland dice the potatoes and add them in the pot. Mix and season with the spices and salt aswell as pepper to to taste.

2. Add few cups of boiling water and the cream fraiche, then let it simmer for good 20-30 min.

3. Blend it with food blender until the soup becomes smooth and silky. If to thick, add more boiled water until you have the desired consistency. Serve with a nice fresh baguette.


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