Tuesday, 13 May 2014

TK maxx - spices

If there is one thing I love shopping, it's gotta be new exotic spices and seasoning mixes. There are some that have special blend and mixes that give inspiration to whole new recipes or a great way to pimp up a meal that needs a new kick. 

I do try to look for new spices when I go to stores that sell it quite often. TK maxx is one of my go to stores when I want to find great spices that are hard to find in other stores or supermarkets. The best thing with it is that TK maxx never disappoints me, I find something new every time I go to the kitchen section.

Few months ago I managed to find these spices and a sauce. I have tried them and boy are they good. They definitely transformed the dishes. I have mentioned these spices in previous posts but will most more meals where I used them and how I used them. 

So far the bread dipping blend is a strong candidate in my kitchen. I use it as dip with some good quality olive oil for bread, as seasoning over a baked potato with butter, or to season a nice, crunchy green salad.  

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