Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mason (jam) jar salad

Something new that I have recently discovered are mason jar salads. This is simply any salad combo that you like, stored in a jam jar. Which is really perfect to bring with you when you're out, working, going to the gym, having picnic or just out and about. Personally I love salads but sometimes I can't be bothered to make them. Which is really silly as it is so simple when you have all ingredients at home. But my love was reborn once I found out about making them this way. I have tried a few different combos and will share my classic Greek salad combo. 
1 mason jar (any jar really)
few cherry tomatoes
half bell pepper
handful green leaves
few olives
few bite size pieces of feta cheese
few gherkins
few slices of cucumber
 dressing: 1,5 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1. Make sure you have a clean jar. Mix the the dressing ingredients in a small bowl, put aside.

2. Chop the rest of the ingredients in bite size pieces. 

3. Then to make a great jar salad the order of the things put in it, is quite important. first of all, add the dressing in the bottom. This way, the rest of the ingredients will not get soggy. Then add the chunky pieces, here I added the bell pepper and cucumbers. Or if you have anything grainy or protein like chicken. they build up a wall separating rest of the ingredients from getting wet.

4. Lastly add cheeses, nuts, or any other fixings. Here I have added the tomatoes, cheese, olives and lastly the green leaves. That way, when you turn the jar upside down, the greens makes the bed and the dressing is coating your salad nicely.

5. Screw on the lid and you are good to go. It keeps it fresh and crispy for up to 5 days, so you can simply do them all at once and keep in the fridge and just grab one for your lunch, when you are to lazy or have no time to make something else. 


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