Saturday, 18 May 2013

Penne Pasta with a Vegetable and Meat Sauce - Recipe

Aguilar Segura olive oil
I love pasta in all form and shape. Family, on the other hand, prefer penne, so last week I cooked penne pasta with a lovely vegetable and meaty sauce. It is quite easy to do and my mum used to always come home during her lunch and make it for us. I loved to come home and smell that lovely aroma in the entrance and couldn't wait to drop my school bag and stuff to go to kitchen and have a big plate of penne pasta with some cheese grated on top, yummie.

For this dish, I decided to use the Aguilar Segura olive oil which are made out of homegrown Picual and Hojiblanca olives. It has a lovely and intense flavor. Husband was given 2 bottles of this delicious olive oil and it made the dish so tasty. 

Serves: 4


150-200 g minced meat
1 cup of frozen sweet corn
1 cup frozen peas
1 cup diced carrots
2 small onions, diced
1/2 celery, diced
3 tbsp tomato puree
2 tbsp ketchup
dried parsley
salt and pepper
4 pieces of sun dried tomatoes
few table spoons of olive oil Aguilar Segura (Homegrown Picual and Hojiblanca olives)


1- Brown the minced meat on medium heat in few tbsp of a good quality olive oil.

2- Once the meat is browned, add all the vegetables and stir well. Let them fry for few minutes and add 1 glass of water. 

3- Once the meat sauce comes to a boil, add the seasoning, tomato puree and ketchup, mix well. Bring down the temperature to low heat and let it simmer for about 35 minutes. Boil the penne at the same time according to the instructions on the package.

4- Once both the meat sauce is done and the penne is al dente, mix them in a pot and let it rest for about 15 minutes so that the paste is well done. Then serve with a green salad or on its own.


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