Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Banana, Kiwi & Strawberry Smoothie - Recipe

It is such a lovely morning and the sun is shining beautifully outside. Perfect weather for jogging. But before that, I need to eat something as I always get dizzy if I work out on an empty stomach. With a few old bananas laying around, I was greatly inspired by Julia, a youtuber, who usually drinks smoothies as a part of her summer fit diet. Check her videos for more work out and healthy food inspiration.

Today, I made a banana, kiwi and strawberry smoothie. I added ginger powder to it as I did not have  fresh ginger at home. Both Julia (The third shift) and Jamie (his youtube video below) used it in their smoothies and explain the benefit with ginger. I love Jamie Oliver's style when he cooks, it is so homey and easy put together without any fuss. The smoothies he makes in the video below looks so tasty. 

The smoothie I made tasted really nice and creamy. I like to substitute normal yogurt with one that contains exotic fruit which you can not find easily, like passion fruit. Give this recipe a go :)


1 banana
2 small kiwis
3 large strawberries
2 large tbsp Sainsbury's mango & passion fruit yogurt (you can use which ever brand you like or plain yogurt)
ginger powder
1/2 glass of cold water


Mix all the ingredients in a food blender and serve it in a large glass. Garnish with a nice big straw and a strawberry on the edge of the glass.

Jamie Oliver is a great inspiration when it comes to cooking for me, here he shares nice smoothie recipes:


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