Monday, 29 April 2013

Smoked Turkey and Vegetables Baguette - Recipe

At university, our lunches use to be a simple baguette with our favorite filling: creamy curried chicken, kycklingröra baguette. I loved it and could have one almost every day. The chicken curry was so perfectly creamy and filling, for the affordable price of 35 SEK. I have tried myself many times to do this lovely baguette at home and in smaller quantities for parties, it has been always successful so soon there will be a post about that.
Macka - Kycklingröra
But today, I want to share my turkey and vegetable baguette with you. It is such a simple baguette and takes no time in doing it. Perfect for breakfast, lunch with a nice cold coke or afternoon snack and tea. It is full of nutritious vegetables and have a lovely smokey taste from the turkey which is perfectly completed with the creamy coleslaw and crispy onions.


1 baguette
3 slices of smoked turkey
Crispy onions
2 tbsp coleslaw
2 tsp spreadable butter
5 slices of tomato
6 slices of cucumber
crispy onion pieces (I used the top taste brand)


1- Slice your baguette half lengthwise in the middle and take out some of the soft white bread. Spread the butter first and the coleslaw. 

2- Sprinkle over the crispy onion pieces and place the turkey slices on top of it, slightly folded on one side.

3- Add the vegetables on top of the turkey slice, begin with lettuce and finish off with cucumber and tomatoes. U can also add cheese slices as well or any other nice ingredient you like with the turkey, but  I left it simple. 


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