Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tea time!

Last time I visited Sweden, I bought 5 different sorts of tea. I am big lover of tea, and have to have a cup of tea everyday, with breakfast or after dinner, but mostly on both occasions. In my family, as long as I remember we always drink a nice glass of chai after dinner.


Back in the days, when I was studying at Uni, me an my girlfriends used to always go and have a cup of nice tea after exams, and I used to pick one out of these 5 flavors. So I bought them as they brought back nice memories from Uni time.

Tha flavors are:

Summer passion
Rooibos röda höjder
Green Mango
Söders höjder
Rabarber med grädde

My favorite is the last one Rabarber med grädde, rhubarb with cream. It has a lovely taste of rhubarbs and creamy vanilla. Each has a lovely distinct flavor and they have pieaces of fruits such as mango, orange, lemon, blackberry, rose petals etc. The black teas are good in the afternoon and after dinner. The lighter teas I usually have in the morning with breakfast. I bought small jars to store the tea in and decorated with fabric and ribbon for a nicer look.

Tea infuser from Ikea
I know England is very famous for teas, but so far I have not find a nice store where you can buy leaf tea. I prefer that over teabags, as I use a tea infuser, which I bought from Ikea. This is the typical way a Cafe would serve the tea in Sweden. If you ever go to Sweden, have a nice cup of tea and why not with a nice cinnamon bun :)

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