Friday, 14 April 2017

Milk stewed macaronies and chicken meatballs - recipe

Eating pasta every week, makes toddler and hubby requesting different dishes that don't have a red sauce. I agree with them, after few weeks even I get tired of the red sauce.

So today I made a favourite from when I went to school. I loved when they served milk stewed macaronies and meatballs. Toddler and baby approved so I will try to remember to make it more often. 

Most often, we would to get husmanskost at school and it is basically a term that refers to traditional home cooked Swedish food. I used to love it and will try make more recipes from traditional Swedish cuisine. It will be nice have a collection here where my kids will find useful in the future. This is my recipe of how to make milk stewed macaronies.

4-5 dl macaronies
6-7 dl milk
1cup water
1 dl double cream
Salt, pepper nutmeg to taste

1. Put the liquids in a non-stick pan and let it come to boil. Add the seasoning to taste and add the macaronies. Lower the heat and let simmer slowly until sauce has thickened and macaronies are soft. Keep sterring so that it does not burn. 

2. Serve with meat of choice. I prefer meatballs and ketchup. The best combo when it comes to milk stewed macaronies. 


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