Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Herbs and vegetables from our allotment

A big dream me and hubby share, is to be able to grow our own herbs and vegetables one day, in our own garden. Since that dream seems some what far away at the moment we have decided to make our dream come true buy getting an allotment!

We love every day spent in our allotment, although it is hard work and long hours. But what a great way to spend our lovely summer together, not to mention, the great joy it brings to our kids.

I have harvested following vegetables from our allotment and cant wait to make different dishes and recipes using them.

These lovely chard has been used when we make dollma (iprax) together with wine leaves. We generally chop of the leaf stalks and fry them with onions and eggs for a lovely breakfast. I also put them in the bottom of my pot when i cook the dollma. it prevents it from burning and are delicious to eat this way.

Then I harvested some mint, which is great in many things, esp salads. Same with cucumbers, they are crunchy and leave that dry taste in your mouth. To me that is a sign of a great cucumber. The very mild chillies also ended up in my salad, as well as being chopped up and put in almost any stew, chilli or soup that I recently made.

The plant to the left is what we call Tolik in Kurdish. I still have not figured out what the name is in English. It has pink and purple flowers and a beautiful shaped leaves. We generally chop it up and fry it with onions and eggs for breakfast. Cant wait to make all of these lovely dishes.

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