Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Homemade hot chocolate

When you thought that it is time to remove all winter clothes and shoes, the weather suprices us with 20 cm of snow during the night. Oh well, the smile on toddler's face in the morning when he looks out through the window, so worth it. But I had to treat myself to a nice hot cup of homemade chocolate. Super easy!!

Roughly 1-2 dl double cream
4-5 dl milk
2 tbsp kakao powder
2 tsp sugar
Season of choose: I chose a sprinkle of vanilla powder and ground cardamom

Mix everything in a sauce pan on medium heat until well mixed and piping hot. Don't let it boil though. Gives enough chocolate for two cups in case you like to share it. 

I enjoyed it with a nice cheese sandwich ;)


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