Sunday, 16 September 2012

Crispy Crostini with Tomato & Mozzarella - Recipe

Yesterday evening I felt a bit peckish and wanted something with bread and easy to make. So I thought, what could be better than crostinis. It is super simple to make and tastes great. Best thing is that is very filling as well. Crostini works as starters, as a simple lunch or something to have late at night. The varieties of crostinis are endless and you can have it whenever you want!

Serves 2

5 slices of garlic bread
2 tomatoes, sliced
1 mozzarella ball, sliced
a pinch of dried basil
fresh basil for garnish


1- I bought the sliced garlic bread which already has a spread of butter and herbs, from the refrigerated section in our local supermarket. 

2- Then, I put on top the sliced mozzarella and tomatoes. A pinch of dried basil over the slices and then put it in the oven (200° C) until the cheese has melted and the bread crispy brown. Garnish it with fresh basil on top.

Enjoy :)


Miss C Flash said...

Your crostini's look delish, perfect for lunch x

Variety is the spice of life said...

Thank you :) indeed, I love this lunch, but you have to be careful due to the garlic :)