Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fruity Smoothie - Recipe

Sometimes I feel like having something sweet, fresh and creamy but I am not talking about candies or sweets. I am talking about smoothie :) One of the best drinks (?) ever that you can do in so many different way and yet always be so tasty. I was craving this smoothie when I was watching the food channel and one of the chefs did it to take it to a picnic. Now the weather is getting worse here in UK so there won't be any picnics here, but it did not stop me from having a delicious, summery smoothie :)

It is soo simple to make that every time I make it, it surprises me that I don't do it more often. Now I don't have an exact measurement of all the ingredients that went in this smoothie but will try to make a approx. recipe for this particular smoothie.


1 kiwi
13-15 strawberries
2 bannas
half cup Greek yogurt
1/3 of a glass of summer fruit juice
honey to sweeten it
some milk to get the right consistancy


1- Put all the ingredients in a liquidizer and waz it up as Jamie Oliver would say :)

2- Taste it and put in more of the ingredients that you feel are required to get the right taste.

Enjoy !


Helene said...

Looks delicious! I also love smoothies. Just like you, I don't know why I don't make them more often as they are so easy, delicious and nutritious.

Variety is the spice of life said...

I know, I have to make it more often and maybe take with me to work for those lazy days when you cant be bothered with food :)