Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Here we go....

Hello and welcome to my blog :)
Ever since last year when I got married and moved to UK from Sweden I've developed a passion for cooking and baking. With mum not around anymore to do the cooking and all the other household activities I had to roll up the sleeves and do my best as the chef of our house. I started to cook following the basic recipes I knew and what mum had taught me as well as through experimenting, I developed my own recipes and learnt so much about food and cooking.

Eventually I went online and discovered different food websites and most of all i found youtube with lovely recipe videos which are easy to use in my cooking and great chefs to follow. One of my favorite youtubers is Laura Vitale ( who cooks mostly Italian and have the most simple and easy to follow recipes. Also, I just love watching the food network (channel 49 on freeview) as i recently discovered this channel. I can sit hours and just watch this channel and learn from Nigella Lawsonm, Jenny Morris, Reza Mahammad and all the incredible chefs.
There is no particular cooking style or type of food i follow or cook. I try to cook different types of dishes and cook dishes from all corners of the world. Having experienced food from different cultures through friends, family, traveling and fellow international students at the uni I developed a taste for food from all over the world. 

I will be therefore blogging about all new recipes I try out and about all my successful and not so successful experiments in the kitchen :) I love using fresh veggies and lots of different spices in my cooking so I will shortly blog about what I always have at hand in my kitchen.

My goal is to having this blog as my kitchen playground where I gather all recipes, info as well as my experiences in my cooking and baking as well as other interesting things concerning food. I also would love to share it with you all who love to cook, bake or simply eat :) so leave a comment whenever you're here and do share your own recipes or blog with me and enjoy reading my blog :)


Miss C Flash said...

Hi, I have joined your blog. I'm looking forward to viewing your recipes x

Variety is the spice of life said...

Hi Miss C :) Glad you joined us here and hopefully you will try out some of the recipes I make. Would love to know if you liked it :).