Friday, 23 October 2015

Sandwich Ideas

Sandwiches is something I eat often and for every meal if I may choose. Bread is my biggest problem. I love it and I love it a lot. But I have come to the conclusion that it is OK as long as we eat them in moderation. For a girlfriend's birthday party I opted to do the sandwiches, as I have done so many different ones and with lots of variations in my life. No one protested :). I used white and brown  square bread as well as brown bread rolls. Tried to use different spreads and fillings, but ended up with classic fillings to make sure there were no surprises for picky eaters.

1. Smoked salmon and cucumber. For the first sandwich I used cream cheese as a spread and added smoked salmon and shavings of cucumber that was made by using the cheese slicer to get them evenly thick.

2. Turkey and vegetable sandwich. The second sandwich has a cream cheese spread, roasted onions, cheddar cheese, turkey slice, cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

3. These two sandwiches where cut in 4 squares and served with some crisps. I have never seen any where else where they add crisps in their sandwiches, but here they do. Have to say that the crunchy sandwiches are delicious.

 4. Egg and potato sandwiches. This filling was little more dense than the other two but they got a high mark too. Boiled eggs and boiled potatoes were mixed in a bowl. I added 2 tbsp of mayo, curry powder, paprika powder and water cress. Salt and pepper to taste and then cut in halves.

5. Scrambled egg sandwiches. The last filling was scrambled eggs on buttered toast with water cress. All sandwiches got thumbs up and the plates were soon empty to my happiness. 

Hope this post will give a few ideas of different sandwich fillings from the normal everyday sandwich.


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