Saturday, 31 October 2015

Tasty Halloween sandwiches

After a long nice and fun day with trick or treating, it is time to sit down and enjoy this lovely evening with a scary movie, ideally The Ring 1. To make the most of the evening we are make very tasty scary sandwiches. My grilled tomato cheese sandwiches. They take no time to make if you have a sandwich grill and taste frighteningly good. Happy Halloween !

sandwich bread
dried oregano
slices of cheese

1. Spread butter on one of the sandwich breads, add cheese, tomato slices and sprinkle over oregano. Make it in the sandwich grill or in the oven until golden brown. They are very gooey and delicious. Serve with pitted olives, sooo insanely god. Ps. the olives are suppose to look like a boo : )


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